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rabbit facts about Volcano Rabbit

rabbit facts about Volcano Rabbit.
the main features
rabbit facts
one of the rabbit facts is :Volcano Rabbits are one of the two smallest rabbit in the planet. solely the pygmy rabbit is smaller.Their body length is between twenty three and thirty two cm (9- 12.5 inches), volcano rabbits’ tail length is between one and three cm (0.4 – 1.2 inches) and its weigh is between 375 and 600  g (13.2 – 21.2 oz).
Unlike alternative rabbits, who warn others of danger by thumbing their feet, Volcano Rabbits emit very high-pitched sounds and whistles when they are conscious of danger approaching.They have short, dense fur that’s yellowish-gray in color mixed with black guard hairs. Their ears are tiny and rounded, and they need short legs.
rabbit facts about Diet
Volcano Rabbits feed on zacaton grasses, herbs and also the bark of alder trees. Throughout the rainy season they will additionally eat corn and oats.
rabbit facts about Breeding
Volcano Rabbits breed all year long with a peak throughout the warm summer. After a gestation amount of thirty eight – forty days, they will give birth to one – three young.
At birth the children are lined in fur but their eyes are closed. They are weaned when approximately twenty days and that they reach sexual maturity at four months previous.
rabbit facts about Habitat
They live in groups of 2 – 5 rabbit and they create burrows within the dense undergrowth of their habitat. They are mainly active at dawn and in the evenings.
Volcano Rabbits will be found on the volcanic slopes in central Mexico. They have a restricted range and they are typically found in pine forests at elevations between 2.800 and 4,250 m (9,186 – 13,944 ft).
rabbit facts about Subspecies
There are not any subspecies of Volcano Rabbit.
rabbit facts about Predators
Humans are the main predators of Volcano Rabbits as they are regarded as pests.

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Therefore I hope these “rabbit facts about Volcano Rabbit” will help you to get pleasure from your pet rabbit They are, as I feel, a beautiful pet.

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